Horizon Terminals Limited - EHSSQ Policy

Horizon Terminals Limited (HTL) is an international provider of independent bulk liquid storage and logistics services, committed towards operational excellence and be “best-in-class” for stakeholder satisfaction, prosperity and sustainable growth.

Environment, Health, Safety, Security & Quality (EHSSQ) is core and integral to our business planning, strategic and operational objectives. Our operations, assets and services shall be safe, secure and environmentally sound; as a minimum complying with all applicable laws, regulations and other requirements and meeting the needs and expectations of our customers.

HTL is committed to protect the safety, security and health of our employees, contractors, customers and all others who come in contact with our operations. We are also committed to conducts our business in a sustainable manner to safeguard the environment and community we operate in.

Our goal is zero incident where every person goes home without harm in any way.

As Such We Shall:

» Provides the management structure, resources, systems, processes, standards and guidelines necessary to implement this policy

» Establish a competency assurance framework to provide employees at all levels training and development opportunities to enable them to perform their work safely, effectively and to a satisfactory standard.

» Ensure that every person at Horizon understands the safety risks in his or her area of work, and knows what must be done to mitigate them.

» Implement programs and initiatives to enhance our organizational safety culture.

» Implement controls and apply best practices to all parts of our operations; from design, construction, commissioning, through normal operations to decommissioning to prevent incidents.

» Promote conservation of energy and resources through use of cost effective methodologies.

» Implement a robust asset integrity and maintenance regime to ensure business continuity is maintained and interruptions are minimized through asset reliability.

» Provide systems and measures to protect the security of employees, contractors, visitors, assets, information and intellectual property.

» Maintain appropriate level of readiness, manning, systems and facilities to effectively respond to emergency situations.

» Audit, review and evaluate effectiveness of our performance and practices for continual improvements.


Yusr H. Sultan Al Junaidy                                                                                                                               June 2017
Chief Executive Officer