Apr 01 2015  
ENOC Launches 'Code of Business Conduct' at Horizon Djibouti Terminal

The ‘Code of Business Conduct’ provides a clear insight and understanding of the corporate values, responsibilities, obligations and ethical ambitions of ENOC, and the way it functions.

The event was attended by management and staff from ENOC, Horizon Terminals, and Horizon Djibouti Terminals.

Yusr Sultan, Managing Director, Horizon Terminals Limited said: “Our success over the years is the result of the high standards of integrity that we continue to maintain in our operations. By committing our actions and value systems to this ‘Code of Business Conduct’, we are further strengthening our platform for growth and building even stronger bridges with our partners and stakeholders.”

The ‘Code of Business Conduct’ builds on the core values that are integral to all of HDTL’s operations - Team Work, Integrity, Transparency, Respect and Customer Focus. It outlines HDTL’s approach towards fair treatment, environment, health & safety standards, quality, workplace conduct, conflicts of interest, business courtesies, intellectual property, information use, trademarks and records management, among others. The code reflects HDTL’s commitment to achieving long-term success founded on an ethical culture in the workplace.

Every employee at HDTL was provided with an awareness session on the Code along with a copy of the ‘Code of Business Conduct’ that clearly sets out the ethical standards and transparency expected from them. In addition, supporting materials such as posters and circulars were shared with employees. The reference policies of this code are also available on the HDTL ‘Code of Business Conduct’ portal.

Houssein Ahmed, General Manager, HDTL said: “Horizon Terminals has continuously upheld the highest standards of integrity across all our operations. The introduction of the code will further serve as a roadmap for all our employees, who can now directly report any concerns they have to bring greater accountability and promote transparency.”

ENOC has also launched several initiatives to support the implementation of the ‘Code of Business Conduct,’ such as establishing a Business Ethics & Compliance function with an annual program on Business Ethics activities covering areas such as standards, compliance, communication, training, risk assessment, administration and case management. Also, an ethics hotline, in collaboration with an independent professional provider, is in place. The function will also provide a support role to HTL-managed joint ventures and subsidiaries where the code is applied.

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