Horizon Emirates Fujairah Distribution Terminal

Horizon Emirates Fujairah Distribution Terminal was commissioned on 1ST June 2013. The terminal is located very close to Sea port, FUJAIRAH considered to be the future UAE oil hub. Terminal automation is functional and product movement is managed through a fully automated process. The core operational function is product movement by marine vessel. The facility also caters to storage, handling and blending requirements of Class I products and also clay filter system for Jet A-1 filtration.

TTLR is built with grant truck loading facility with 10 loading bays and to boost loading, provided 12 truck loading pumps & 28 loading arms.
Fujairah, United Arab Emirates
Products: Gasoline, Jet Fuel, Gasoil
Tanks: 12 Tanks designed to store class-1 products, total safe storage capacity 246,000 M with a receiving rate/ loading rate 3000M/hr.
Access: 1. Sea Vessels & Barges, Road Tankers.
2. Pipe line receipt from neighboring companies through dock line connectivity at POF common manifold.
3. OT-1 & OT-2 Dock lines are interconnected at ESTCFT (Terminal Fujairah inside Port Of Fujairah.) hence enable both terminals to receive / load cargo from OT-1, OT-2 berths and also facilitates inter terminal transfers.

OT-1: Four common user berths, Max draft 13.5 M & LOA 250M max DEAD WEIGHT 100,000 MT

OT-2: Four common user berths, Max draft 16.5 M & LOA 330M max DEAD WEIGHT 300,000 MT

Berth lines: Dedicated Dock lines range from 20” to 24” for Gasoline, Jet A-1, Diesel Gas Oil & Naphtha with pigging arrangement
Additional Facilities: 1. Horizon Emirates Fujairah Distribution Terminal has great facility for tank truck loading of products ULG, GASOIL, JET A-1 with a wide range of loading gantry, with 12 pumps X 270 M rate and 28 loading arms.
2. Vapor Recovery Unit to collect vapor generates during road tankers loading.
3. Water treatment plant to purify oily waste water which pumps from OWS and reuse for other useful purpose.

Pumping rate: